School provides the guidelines to maintain the uniformity & quality as well as the colour of the uniform. 
Half Sleeve striped blue Shirt - (From April 01 to Oct. 30 Every Year) 
Full Sleeve striped blue Shirt - (From Nov. 01 to Mar. 31 Every Year) Knot/BowTie, School Belt, Black Shoes, School Socks, 
Navy Blue Blazer with approved school monogram during winter from Nov. 01, till the last day of Feb.
Boys :
Specific Navy Blue trousers, for Class VI & above with mid-waist around navel. 'Trousers bottom' between 15-17 inches (37.5-42.5 cms.) as per the increasing height gradient.
Girls :
Specific Navy Blue Skirt (up to Class II). Specific Navy Blue Divided Skirt Class III onwards (2" above the knee height) 
1. For Girls : School Stockings in winter. 
2. School Scarf/Cap may be used during winter. 
3. Girls are to use prescribed hair band only. 
4. For students of SIKH COMMUNITY Turban or Patka should be of prescribed colour only. 
5. To maintain uniformity, quality and colour, school suggests the parents to purchase a few articles i.e. Knot/Bow Tie, Belt, Socks, Monogram, Stockings from any standard shops.


Boys                                        Girls

White trousers, White Shirt White divided skirt, white shirt

               (according to season          (according to season) white bloomer,

prescribed white shoes          Prescribed white shoes

PLEASE NOTE:  Parents are required to send thier children to school properly dressed in neat and clean uniform.