Rules & Regulations


  • Student should always come to school in a neat and clean dress and shining shoes, if not then they may be sent back.
  • The student must reach school on their given timings if not then they will not be allowed to enter the premises, any kind of misbehaviour or quarrelling with the school    staff will not be tolerayed and will be treated as act of indiscipline. 
  • Parents are requested to check on their ward time to time and given notices from school in their diary or by any other mean.
  • Student who is attending school even for any day, in any part of the session, and then if he/she wishes to withdraw for any reason, will have to pay full fees for that part   of the session.
  •  From time to time parents are requested to be in touch with the facilities and principal of the school to discuss the matter regarding the academic performance and behaviour  of the student.
  •   No outside magazine, books, periodicals, pictures or newspaper are allowed in school. No other jewellery except the wrist watch worn in hand. The school is not responsible of any loss of books, money, clothes and thing alike. Every child is responsible for his/her belongings.
  • Students are not allowed to use provoking/sensuous and come in school in trimmed hair(boys)and paired nails.
  • Parents, not showing interest their wards activity, behaviours or academics or failing to comply with the rules, made for the benefits of their wards. will be asked to withdraw the name of their ward from the school.
  • The student and parents will have to follow the rules and regulations made by the school and any kind of murmuring against the school within and outside the school shall not be tolerated and will be deemed as the act of indiscipline. On the other hand if anybody has any complaint or suggestion he/she may have lodge it with the school authority and submit it at the reception. Parents may see the principle as per the rules mentioned under the heading of this prospectus “parents visit to school”
  • Principle/management have the authority to suspend attendance or ask parents withdraw their ward whose conduct is adverse to the moral tone or discipline of the institution.
  • The changes made by school in the prospectus from time to time have a binding effect on every student of the school.


If any student is not capable of coping up with the school curriculum activities due to some reasons of the other then parents/guardians are asked to withdraw their child even after admission.

In case, Student who have taken the admission and continuously want to withdraw from school for any reason then they can not claim any refund from our school. The transfer certificate shall be issued on the payment of dues if any, and the charges of Rs. 100.00 (rupee hundred only) for T.C. although,  fee for T.C. is usually not charged if the name of student is struck off from the roll on disciplinary ground.


School administration hold the charge of striking off the name of any student from its roll if it fails to get proper cooperation from the side of guardian/parents, their student after due counselling.