Director Message

welcome to our honourable Parents/Guardians, Quest for education is the quest for enlightment. Education does not mean the knowledge acquired from the texts and schooling does not mean the knowledge of ABC or the completion of the course. The meaning of education and schooling is an attempt for conversion of a raw and developing mind into a grow up and useful creature for the universe. 

Thinkers and social reformers gave thier precious lives for the pious task of educating the society all the time and this process will continue till the infinity.

keeping this objective in mind, S.J.S is striving hard from the very beginning to develop a sense of discipline as well as self-respect amongst its students through knowledge so that they may bloom into the true citizens of this great motherland. Many in the society want to hold the torch of education with us and for paying them a true honor; SJS has agreed to work in the shape of a group named SJS group of schools. I have been directed to work in the capacity of Managing director for which I am under obligation. my life will be a success, if by the blessing of God I could contribute something in this regard with the cooperation of all concerned.

Ramesh Bahadur Singh
Managing Director
SJS Bachhrawan