The progression of student in their studies is classified continuously through assessment tests, class work, home work, and co-operation from the side of guardians. In addition to these factors two main Examinations known as Half yearly and Annual exams are also help and guardians are called to school to discuss the progress of their wards.
If the performance of any student is found unsatisfactory and not upto the mark, he/she is warned to repeat his/her studies in the same standard before Annual exam and if, this progress is marred due to medium of instruction or non co-operation of the guardians, they may be asked very frankly to withdraw their ward from the school. 
A list of prescribed books is provided to its students, after admission by the school. Parent/Guardians are advised to organize the books from anywhere as early as possible. Although, the school permits few shopkeepers to manage bookstall inside/nearby the school campus; for a short period at the beginning of the new session to facilitate the Students/Guardians. Students willing to obtain the books from these stalls can have the same subject to clearance of their school dues for the new session. At the same time, to make the functioning of the school smooth and maintain uniformity, it is advised to use the notebook of SJS cover. 
Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours; permission can only be given by the principal. Persons authorized by the parents or guardians whose signature are affixed in the diary only may fetch to child from the school in rare circumstances. However, parents are requested to avoid these moments. Absence of the student continuously for 10 days, without leave application will cause struck off the name from the rolls.